Saturday, November 30, 2013

Designer of the Day: Araks Yermyan

Subtlety in fashion is difficult for many. The casual observer often doesn't possess the context to know why something is special or innovative. The job of the press is to illuminate the subtle and sublime but right now we have a new wave of very young and inexperienced press so they're not able to do that very well even though many of them are passionate about fashion and are very talented writers/reporters. As a result of this unfortunate circumstance many talented designers aren't really getting the level of praise they should for the designs they're creating. Araks Yermyan is a great example of this unfortunate phenomenon. She's neither loud nor flashy but her creative use of shape and structure as well as her balance in detailing are extraordinary. As befits a designer who comes from a lingerie background her clothes are always comfortable and even when rendered in heavier fabrics they are not restrictive. There is an ease about her work but her clothes are never overly casual. Her greatest strength lies there. She gives her client the opportunity to express a very composed sense but get dressed in minutes. That's worthy of some celebration.

Spring '12
Arak's at her most casual is still balanced and together and full of great details.

Fall '12
And at her most formal the designs are still  easy and comfortable.

Spring '13
Her tailoring touches really put her work on a much higher plane.

Fall '13
She often creates extraordinarily sophisticated designs.

Spring '14
How wonderful is this? A riff on a classic American casual look precisely rendered in luxurious fabrics.

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