Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Designer of the Day | Jean Claude Jitrois

Jean Claude Jitrois is a marvel. A fashion designer who almost exclusively works in one material, (leather), and effortlessly creates fresh and vibrant collections season after season. He creates both solid structures and flowing draping. He embroiders, embellishes, and excites. All with one fabric. Enjoy. 

Spring '12
His ability to make leather gentle and sweet is unparalleled. 

Fall '12
Of course he works in exotics beautifully as well.

Spring '13
A classic Jitrois, the perforations and the shape that sits just below the collarbone make for a stunningly unique look.

Fall '13
His level of luxury is amazingly consistent.

Spring '14
Observe the level of detailing on the blouse. There are many elements but they chorus splendidly. 

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