Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Designer of the Day| Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez is a subtle sculptor. His play with seemingly unbalanced sections, (they're not), and his love of asymmetrical geometry has carved out a unique niche among the American fashion elite. Despite the straightforward nature of his design elements his work achieves a great deal of sophistication and power.

Spring '13
Classic Narciso, the unbalanced line that starts at the chest but draws attention to the hips 

Pre-Fall '13
Power through clean simplicity. It is not that his work is angular that gives it strength it's the precision of the application of those angles.

Fall '13
Narciso understands how to let two designs work together to create the impact he was looking for. 

Resort '14
He mixes fabrics that are classic and luxurious with very modern textiles with ease.

Spring '14
There are seven angles in less than two feet of fabric on the front of this dress but it's not busy at all.

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