Saturday, November 2, 2013

Designer of the Day | Giorgio Armani Prive

Armani Prive Fall '13
Eschewing the luminous fabrics of his recent past couture collections Mr Armani turned his fiery imagination to delicate fabrics. The result was sublimely magnificent. 

Armani Prive Spring 13
Mr. Armani and his atelier's construction abilities are among the very pinnacle in modern fashion.

Armani Prive Fall '12
To execute a waist that requires such stiffness in such a supple manner is extraordinarily difficult.

Armani Prive Spring '12
Perfect proportionality from breast to foot in a design that so easily could go wrong.

Armani Prive Fall '11
To know that there must be strong under construction, perhaps even boning to achieve that waist but not to be able to see it; a mark of mastery to be certain.

Armani Prive Spring '11
Sex, lust, power, and money, made into clothing.

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