Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Designer of the Day - Alexandre Herchcovitch

There is a particular high fashion client who I've always found wonderful and alluring. She favors designers who craft clothes that are not easily categorized. They always seem a little unbalanced or have elements that seem like they shouldn't work together but do. The reason they do and the reason that woman is attracted to them is because they are designed with precision. Alexandre Herchcovitch is one such designer. When you study his designs up close you will have revealed to you a mathematical preciseness that were it not there would make the designs feel amateurish and clunky. Pay particular attention to the critical areas of shoulder, neck, breast, and waist and you may get a sense of what I'm saying.  

Pre Fall '12
Note the refined treatment of the cuffs and collar.

Fall '12
Working in metallics is always tricky. Using them in a non traditional shape requires a very refined touch.

Spring '13
The fact that this designs maintains balance is a testament to the correctness of Herchcovitch's approach.

Fall '13
This season was about flowers, but it was much about their seeming imperfections as the perfected romantic ideal of them. Hence the unbalanced curling in the layered silk treatment, clever no?

Spring '14
The rawness of the lace edges adds a wildness to what would normally be a super polished design,.

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