Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Designer of the Day- Naeem Khan

One of the premier evening wear designers in the world is New York's own Naeem Khan. The first Indian designer to transport his native culture's rich and unique high fashion sense to America. Naeem Khan's popularity is not solely due to his embroidery and embellishment as some might have you believe. He has that precise editors' eye that all the great ones possess and the ability to add subtle touches that elevate his work. 

Spring '13
His garments other than his gowns are too often not focused on. See the great movement he achieves with this day dress.

Pre Fall '13
Tremendous controlled draping in a short dress.

Fall '13
His level of luxury is second to none.

Resort '14
Maribou and gleaming and intricate fabric are dramatic but it's the subtle addition of the colored tiles that make this piece magical.

Spring '14
The line created by the silk mesh across the top of the shoulder and the fact that the dress is lace keep it from appearing heavy or overwrought.

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