Saturday, November 16, 2013

Designer of the Day | Haider Ackermann

In continuing with yesterday's theme of stupid things supposed fashion experts say. Let's add, "Everything's been done", and immediately disprove it by posting photos of Haider Ackermann's designs. Are today's designers inspired by yesterdays? Of course, but the truly talented like Ackermann always let their process envelop any idea so fully that what emerges is unquestionably unique. 

Spring '14
His designs draw energy from the conflict between opposites. Refined and rough or composed and carefree.

Fall '13
Every season we are treated to new shapes and structures.

Spring '12
His work is always powerful and attention grabbing.

Fall '12
His approach creates imaginative re-workings of known garments full of innovative choices. 

Spring '12
He shies away from no color or material. Whatever he works in is always made glamorous. 

Fall '11
There is an aggression about his clothes. A timid woman would be ill served to dare wear them hoping to be made bolder. 

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