Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Designer of the Day- Arzu Kaprol

The core of my love for fashion is that moment when I am standing in front of a garment which is obviously a dream brought to life. A vision birthed, with all the trial and pain that word owns, of human hands but from divine impulse. It doesn't happen all the time but it's sweet enough when it does that the mere memory of it sustains me for years till I'm blessed with it again. The first time I saw an Arzu Kaprol couture piece last year it was such a moment. An exquisite idea rendered in the finest material and executed to a level of precision that the Lord almighty must have been whispering in the teams' ears. An underground tip in European circles her slow but steady growth and magnificent designs finally brought her to Bergdorf Goodman this year. She's not done yet... You'll see.

Fall '11
Her work often features an aggressive spirit.

Fall '12
She has a light touch with embellishments.

Spring RTW '13
Her construction concepts are extraordinary.

Couture Fall '12
It's refreshing to see a couturier's love of detail executed in a modern way.

Couture Fall '13
She has an understanding of drama.

RTW Fall '13
The notches in the front of the jacket are a typical innovation and make me think of a reversed tailcoat.

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