Thursday, November 14, 2013

Designer of the Day | Albert Kriemler

Akris is a 90+ year old Swiss fashion house. It's designer Albert Kriemler is the epitome of a quiet genius. His designs are works of romance, elegance and beauty but are tailored with a logical restraint that increases rather than constrains their emotional power. 

Spring '13
Despite Akris' reputation for being severe each season is filled with warm and sensual pieces.

Pre Fall '13
Albert Kriemler never, and I mean never makes mistakes with volume or proportion. 

Fall '13
It is very apparent that Mr. Kriemler has a deep affection for the women he dresses.

Resort '14
Akris embraces all inspirations and fears no colors or prints. They are not in any way staid.

Spring '14
Albert Kriemler is often times much bolder in experimentation than he is given credit for. He simply executes it in such a subtle way that you can be excused for not noticing his boldness.

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