Monday, November 4, 2013

Designer of the Day | Emerson- Jackie Fraser Swan

Recall that girl in high school who was composed and sophisticated but always threw off hints that she was a stone cold maniac looking for an excuse. That's the woman that Jackie Fraser Swan dresses. Jackie's built a very solid body of work over the last three years and her ability to express and embody her design values has impressively increased with each collection. With most designers it is the editor's ability to subtract to create strength. With Jackie it's the ability to add that one critical detail. The detail that marks the wearer as mad, bad, and dangerous to know.  

Spring '12
Emerson is always flattering to the female form.

Fall '12
The power of one design choice, the offset stripe contrasted with the centered one.

Spring '13
Three layers of flowing silk with a leather bustier. Sweet and tough.

Fall '13
A Brit punk tartan in a ball gown but it's the irregular tiered dark shadows that make the statement. 

Spring '14
Rough lace of leather over a beautifully draped cocktail dress. Delicate but not frail.

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