Sunday, November 24, 2013

Designer of the Day- Todd Lynn

There are two truths about Todd Lynn that I have always enjoyed. He gets knocked off a lot by "bigger names" and the fashion press never knows what to say about him. His collections differ a fair amount from season to season which tends not to endear you to the press. In fashion though it's the buyers that matter and as of this season he has over twenty of the top boutiques in the world stocking his clothes with new accounts coming on board every season. This is because despite some writing to the contrary he has a strong and consistent signature. Todd Lynn enjoys rawness, roughness, deconstruction and the edge it gives to otherwise demure materials. He returns to those themes over and over. It will be muted,altered, and often accentuated by his inspiration for the season but it is always there. It's the consistency that often places him ahead of his peers but as Albert Brooks once perfectly said, "There is no line at the bank for being ahead of your time." 

Spring '12
An extraordinary experiment in linear play.

Fall '12
He doesn't always play with shape but the results when he does are spectacular. Note the diagonal "slashes" at the top of the chest, this is something he does often.

Spring '13
He is justly admired for his work in leather and suede.

Fall '13
The refined treatments on the skirt contrasting with the raw and animalistic nature of the top.

Spring '14
His latest collection saw him play with raw construction techniques using refined fabrics. I love the asymmetrical hip treatment here.

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