Saturday, November 23, 2013

Designer of the Day: Tomas Maier

Bottega Veneta's brilliant designer for over a decade has won respect and admiration for his talents as the creator of a vibrant, romantic, powerful, and often risky body of work. His precise hand at draping insures that his higher volume dresses will never swallow the wearer, and yet he is equally adept at body conscious slinky and seductive shapes. One of my favorite qualities of his is his palette. He fears no color or print and works with color as a painter, populating his collections with vivid dashes and rich tones.

Spring '12
Of course he is a master at leather work. It's a job requirement at Bottega Veneta.

Fall '12
Luxurious fabrics are never compromised but he also is not mired in the 20th Century by them.

Spring '13
I love the repetition of the panels but in two different colors. 

Fall '13
One of the toughest challenges a designer can face is fabric on fabric embellishment. Especially in raised sections such as ruching, fins, pleats etc...

Spring '14
Again a complex high fabric volume technique done beautifully. 

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