Friday, November 22, 2013

Designer of the Day- Douglas Hannant

Douglas Hannant is an extraordinarily gifted designer. But one of the skills I've always admired in him is his client knowledge. He knows his client's needs and desires as well as any designer I know. His clients live in a world that has a very high taste level and so they, and he, must maintain a discerning sense for the highest quality. It is his discipline in this that I deeply admire. His fabrics and construction are always impeccable in every aspect. 

Resort '13
His designs possess a vitality. They enliven as well as charm.

Spring '13
He has a master's editing skill. Embellishments that could easily go wrong in lesser hands are always handled flawlessly. 

Fall '13
He never allows his work to become overly complicated or weighed down.

Resort '14
He often includes play with updates on classic shapes. 

Spring '14
His draping skills are unquestionable.

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