Friday, November 8, 2013

Designer of the Day | Claire Barrow |

There are a lot of terms that are tossed around in fashion that mean very little to those who read them and often even to those who write them. Yet some phrases are crucial to understanding design and designers and one of them is, "point of view". Claire Barrow has a point of view on fashion that creates designs that pack quite a punch. There's a constant element of rebellion mixed with a sense of mystery and strength. In her very young career her collections have shown a very strong streak of defiance. I hope it continues.

Fall '12
Yes another London based designer who works with prints, but it's what the print evokes that matters. Note also the punk symbols.

Spring '13
Another strong recognizable counter culture reference in the PVC like fabric.

Fall '13
This design shows her growth as a designer. The unique signature is subtly signed with the odd print on a classic cut but the impact is no less forceful.

Spring '14
Again the leather jacket with the graffitiesque finish speaks of the outsider and the tie embellishments add a level of sophistication. Yet the bare feet scream, "I do not accept the dictates of what fashion, 'should be'". 

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