Thursday, November 21, 2013

Designer of the Day - Gary Graham

Gary Graham is as good a fashion designer as we have working in New York City today. You wouldn't know it though because Gary doesn't seek out press very loudly instead keeping his head over the cutting table creating his beautiful designs. He has a fascinating and complex aesthetic. His vibrant and kaleidoscopic textiles are combined with precise draping and often layered with tailored pieces to create a consistently compelling look. There is always a brilliant homespun feel to his work. It is, and this is seldom used as a compliment, very American.  

Spring '12
Such innovative construction!

Fall '12
His precise mixing and matching of multiple textiles creates his compelling complexity.

Spring '13
It's not just the print but the way it's used in combination with the beautifully controlled draping.

Fall '13
His fabrics are always beautiful and deeply luxurious.

Spring '14
There is often a delicacy to his work. 

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