Sunday, November 3, 2013

Designer of the Day | Sally LaPointe |

Sally Lapointe is in the ascension phase of what will likely be a long praised career. She's doing it quietly and the American fashion press never knows what to do with that so you are forgiven if you haven't been paying attention. Season upon season she fearlessly explores what has seized her imagination which can lead the overly casual observer to the erroneous conclusion that she doesn't have a signature. This look backwards over her past five seasons should rebut that notion. Sally plays with volume and shape, flow and structure. Her silhouettes seek balance between movement and stillness and always do so in very luxurious and compelling fabrics. She has, and always has had, a very refined palette. She will continue to be increasingly ingenious and impressive whether or not the press notices. 

Spring '12
Note the layered structure in two different fabrics.

Fall '12
Another example of flowing volume on top with a more structured pant.

Spring '13
More advanced play with structure and flow. The pattern for the blouse creates a very sexy focal point around the breasts.

Fall '13
The use of gorgeous and luxurious fabrics continues. The subtle diamond shape panel in the blouse is a refined touch.

Spring '14
The level of complexity and the attention to detail is astonishing. See how the center line is emphasized by the curled peeling away of the fabric at the hem of the top skirt.

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