Sunday, December 1, 2013

Designer of the Day - Damir Doma

My intense dislike for "traditional" menswear always places me in a bind. How do I dress so that I express myself honestly without looking like I'm in a science fiction or post apocalyptic movie? Fortunately for me their are designers like Damir Doma. He rejects conventional detailing on many of his garments and has great cuts that make men look smart and cool. His fabrics are luxurious and often textured and his prints are eye catching but never overly loud. His work has intelligence and balance, which is exactly what I'm going for. 

Spring '12
This look reads as formal without being a 20th century relic like a tuxedo.

Fall '12
Cool, wild, and free.

Spring '13
I love his fabric choices. He often has prints that are in not on the fabric.

Fall '13
Innovative construction details keep his work ahead of the pack.

Spring '14
Sophisticated without being stuffy and relaxed without being disheveled. His designs strike the perfect balance. 

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