Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Designer of the Day- Angel Sanchez

At it's best fashion in NYC is a crowded field. There exists right now a ludicrous amount of design talent all vying for your attention. If those designers either don't have a large marketing budget and/or would rather be head down over a cutting table rather than at a fancy party they are at a huge disadvantage. Below are some designs from the brilliant Angel Sanchez's Resort collection. Look at them and tell me, is there some reason he should not be better known?

The counter balance of the asymmetrically opposing descending lines in this dress is genius. 

Angel Sanchez is a former architect. Now he designs romance. 

There is a mature refinement about his work. He never overuses a technique. 

As with all the great ones no matter how much yardage is actually in the dress it appears weightless.

Although his designs may be elegant and romantic they are not demure, there is a sensual aggression to them. 

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