Thursday, December 5, 2013

Designer of the Day- Sharon Ehman-Toxic Vision

No seasons, no stock, no advertising, 100% sell through on everything she's ever made. Welcome to the wonderful world of Sharon Ehman and her powerhouse brand Toxic Vision. Sharon thrives off custom orders from some of metal and industrial music's biggest names. Then once every few weeks she posts on Facebook that a new collection is going for sale live in her store, . Every single piece sells out, most of them instantly. It's a testament to the power of cultivating a client base and then retaining exclusivity. It's a brilliant marketing & branding model. I think she's really special and if she happens to read this I'd love to chat with you.

Image of TOXIC VISION Holy Shit destroyed cloak
Deconstruction is often a part of her work but it's never homespun and the toughness of the pieces is never compromised. 

Image of TOXIC VISION shadow gown
Her cuts aren't sexy, they're gobsmacking.

Image of TOXIC VISION Ravendance studded biker jacket
There's a wonderful North American tribal influence in many of her pieces as well as a powerful shamanistic presence. 

Image of TOXIC VISION Artillery belt
The heavy metal toughness is mixed with post apocalyptic and other fictional themes for a fascinating look.

Image of TOXIC VISION Wicked World studded jacket
It's other worldly but it's definitely a world you want to explore.

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