Sunday, December 15, 2013

Designers Of The Day Hugrún Árnadóttir and Magni Þorsteinsson - Kron by KronKron

When a fashion fans fancy turns to bold colors and exotic styles they naturally think of Iceland. No? You'd be wrong. Hugrún Árnadóttir and Magni Þorsteinsson of the label & store Kron by KronKron are celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2014 and are a beautiful reminder of the irrepressible spirit of the Icelandic people. Look below at a small sample of their style and head on over to their site to import some Icelandic joy to your closet.

Their palate is beautifully tied to the natural.

They very often employ a variety of textures on the same shoe. 

The subtle powder blue pleated edging adds a beautiful romantic feel to this earthy shoe.

Perfectly executed, not overburdened by detail and not too tame.

Magical shoes for magical people.

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