Friday, December 13, 2013

Designer Of The Day - Thomas Maier - Bottega Veneta Pre Fall '14

The role that fabrics play in the creation of fashion isn't appreciated by the general fashion fan. The emotional relationship between designer and textile is extremely strong and critically important. Fabrics themselves are often cited as an inspiration for an entire collection. Fashion designers are textile geeks. When a designer rises to the point where they can commission the creation of custom fabrics their excitement is a joy to see. Thomas Maier of his own label and Bottega Veneta has been working with his own textile creations for awhile now and he's still gets as excited about it as he did on day one. The choices designers make can tell you a lot about what they want their customers to feel while wearing their creations. What do you think Mr. Maier was going for with his Pre Fall '14? Tweet or Facebook me your thoughts.

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