Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Designer Of The Day - Christina Elleni

Cities in general and New York City in particular are a magnet, in that they violently repulse or attract people. While it's true that as E.B White observed there are those who, "give the city its tidal restlessness" in that they neither love nor hate it but tolerate and manage it. I have no love for them as their lack of passion in the face of so much of it marks them as dull. I am in love with New York City. Sometimes in my travels through fashion and design I find reflections of my ardor in others and their work. I felt that way when I first encountered Christine Elleni. I strongly suspect that her residence in both Sydney and now San Francisco confirms that she has an urban heart, and her work based on NYC further confirms that at the least she has a crush on the Grand Lady of Glass & Steel.

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