Monday, December 9, 2013

Designer Of The Day - Carla Braccialini

Fashion is fun, don't forget it. Yes it's seriously beautiful and often back breakingly hard. But we're in the business of adding joy and excitement. Carla Braccialini has known this since the day in the 1970s that her purse was stolen strolling across a piazza. She took that moment of fear and turned it into her legendary "temi" or theme bags with the realization that her purse had become a second home. So she designed a purse fashioned to look like her house. It's that spirit plus impeccable quality and imperial artisanship that has made Braccialini one of the most recognizable brands in the world.  

There will never be a machine that can duplicate this.

Not all Braccialini bags are whimsical but all are luxurious.

The quality is unquestionable.

Only for the bold and fun!

Even more so! But who says high fashion means growing up?

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