Monday, December 2, 2013

Designers of the Day- Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman- Marchesa

Extravagant, embellished, embroidered, and extraordinary. Marchesa opposes restraint at every turn. Keren Craig & Georgina Chapman are the spinners of glamorous dreams. They start quite a few fashion dreams as well as they are often named checked by the emerging designers I work with as being an inspiration for their journey into design. That legacy may be their most glamorous creation of all.

Resort '13
In their shorter length pieces they always pack in as much drama as they can.

Spring '13
Opulent but the folded draping is done in an innovative way. They do not simply recreate gowns of the 20th century.

Fall '13
One simple stitch, (or so it seems), to hold up yards of satin. A touch that creates massive visual interest.

Resort '14
The embroidered flowers that increase in number at the bottom or what put this look over the top.

Spring '14
Deconstruction from Marchesa? There often is a wild edge to their designs.

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