Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Designer Of The Day - Prabal Gurung Pre Fall '14

There are a number of young star designers in NYC right now whose success is more a product of press & the powers that be than of their talent. Prabal Gurung isn't one of them. His potent combination of imagination and intelligence is producing collections of ascending impressiveness. His Pre Fall '14 is sleek and complex. Each piece is full of many design elements some aggressively obvious and some restrained and used more for structure and fabric control. 

Formal and clean and the tightly tailored waist gives an air of strength.

The sari like shoulder treatment is perfectly balanced with the black and white areas. Note the asymmetrical hem. 

The technique of cropping the stomach area to accentuate the waist isn't new but it's not as common in a print and the pop of black and white rough diagonal striped fabric is really unusual.  

I just love the picnic basket weave print.

This is bold and utterly charming. So glad to see this couture shape rendered with some color. 

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