Friday, December 6, 2013

Designer of the Day: Alexander Wang- Pre Fall '14

There may be no other designer who causes more hotly contested debate among the emerging designers I work with than Alexander Wang. His dismissers say he's a young man who had connections and got lucky with an investor, (I know his initial investor), and that the rest has been marketing. His champions say he pioneered an entire new aesthetic that fused serious athletic wear with luxury and struck a nerve of wealthy young women who wanted to be taken seriously but didn't want to dress up everyday. His ascension to the rarified air of Balenciaga pushed this feud to a fever pitch. I honestly think his longevity proves he really nails his client identification every season. He does do many clever things with shape and structure and he understand the desires of a modern woman's wardrobe better than many older more established designers. In a lot of ways he is the perfect NYC designer. This is a tough town, the Big Apple beats the hell out of luxury clothes and I don't care how much money you have if you love a piece of fashion enough to spend a decent amount of money on it you want it to survive. Luxury fashion in NYC is a contact sport and Alexander Wang makes great uniforms.

The shape of the collar & shoulder are what push this look even more so than the mane.

The boots for his pre-fall are so distinctive.

The practical fused with the luxurious in one look.

The structure of the collar and the cut of the pants are fascinating.

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