Thursday, December 12, 2013

Designer Of The Day - Maria Cornejo - Pre Fall '14

Maria Cornejo has forged the perfect career for young talent to emulate. The great thing about her growth story is no matter where you plug yourself into it it's still full of relevant lessons on how you should proceed. Went to college then worked at Joseph in London. But moved to NYC and started from scratch. Opened her own store and grew slowly. Worn by key fashion figures but didn't panic and try to grow too fast. Her entire career feels calm and considered. That's the best lesson of all; relax and grow.

Maria has always achieved balance between opposing forces in her work. Simple vs complex, tailored vs draped, etc...

Complex print, simple structure.

There's a watercolor like softness to the print that's clam and lovely.

Relaxed but fitted enough so it reads as dressed up.

The opposing diagonal cuts are long and severe but it's one of only a handful of design elements which makes it even more pronounced.

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