Friday, December 27, 2013

Designer Of The Day - Ana Ljubinkovic

The bad news in fashion is that virtually all of the things that worked well in the 20th Century don't in the 21st. The good news is the same. As we as an industry grapple with the changes that the internet and the exposure of capitalism's faults have wrought, one question remains more vexing than the others. How will people dress tomorrow? That question is of course the alpha and omega of fashion and twas ever thus. In this age I've come to believe that the twin shocks of 9/11 and the economic collapse have much of the world in a collective PTSD. As we shake that off and regain our optimism about tomorrow I would bank on a return to highly individualized bold and confrontational styles returning to the fore. Serbian designer Ana Ljubinkovic is precisely the type of revolutionary designer who can set the tone. Her play with structure and her powdery color palette are the type of "uniform" that I believe the next, and much needed, generation of radicals will favor. 

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