Thursday, December 19, 2013

Designer Of The Day - Caroline Groves

The fashion industry is in the midst of it's greatest upheaval since the intolerably damaging mass market/offshoring model of the early 90s. The rise of the internet has shifted the foundations upon which the industry rests and tried & true models are now bafflingly ineffective. To add to the confusion what is known is what is NOT working but what is unknown is what WILL work going forward. The future is shrouded in a dense fog. I have begun to suspect that one of the models that will begin to work well again is bespoke/couture. I predict that the capitals of the world are on the verge of seeing the rise of new, high profile, expensive and exquisite couturiers. Their pieces will become sensations through social media and they will have a long waiting list of clients. One of the areas I predict this will happen first is accessories. Couture bags and shoes will always be the least expensive way to make a luxurious statement. UK couture shoe designer Caroline Groves is an excellent example. Her colorful creations will create an impression and perhaps even a little jealousy. 





Turquoise Parakeet

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