Monday, December 16, 2013

Designer Of The Day - Roberta Di Camerino

Coco Chanel once told Roberta Di Camerino's head designer Giuliana Camerino, "Cry the day they don't copy you." The Venetian based house was founded almost immediately after the fighting of WW2 ceased in Europe. Currently helmed by Giorgia Scarpa they have remained very true to her vision of extraordinary materials and uncomplicated but beautiful designs. Roberta Di Camerino bags are in large part responsible for the modern world thinking of Italy as a luxury powerhouse.

Exceptional velvets made only in Venice are a hallmark.

Never flashy or trendy a Roberta Di Camerino bag instantly denotes wealth.

The third color used to draw two contrasting colors together is a design staple for the house.

As are the bright brass "R"s.

The quintessential Roberta Di Camerino design worn by everyone from Grace Kelly to Madonna.  

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