Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Designer of the Day - Christian Wijnants

Like a number of designers I feature Christian Wijnants isn't a household name. He's not even on the screen of a number of popular fashion publications. He's often difficult to describe and he's not glamorous. What he is, is intensely creative and often innovative. His play with print, pattern, and texture ranges from whisper to megaphone. He also doesn't get enough credit for his cuts. His fit is perfectly balanced between loose and tight and is always comfortable and easy to wear.

Spring 12
The tailoring, or lack of, at the cuff of the pants is marvelous.

Fall '12
A great take on the oversize box jacket, do you spy what he did with the sleeves?

Spring '13
Draped and tailored with precision.

Fall '13
This is just a marvelous sweater dress and a gorgeous print.

Spring '14
It's the way the whites work in conjunction to complete the outfit that I love.

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