Sunday, December 22, 2013

Designer Of The Day - Emilio de la Morena - Pre Fall '14

A core component of every successful fashion brand is being identifiable. The ability for people to know whose designs someone is wearing simply by seeing them. We often refer to it as , "having a signature". In service to this aim a secret weapon that is often deployed is having "blocks". A block is a pattern that is repeated throughout a collection and it wonderfully kills not two but three birds with one stone. First it allows you to nail your garments fit across multiple styles. Make one core pattern for a blouse, test it on your fit model and once it's perfect use it in three to four styles. Done in a different fabrics, colors, and modified at the sleeve, collar, or what have you it ensures that all of your blouses fit exactly as you intend them. Secondly, it saves time which is always a huge deal in collection prep. Lastly it assists in creating a signature look. It's important to realize when you're trying to create consistency across a collection that you're speaking to the subconscious. It's how your looks are defined in that unfiltered reaction that matters most. You want a buyer to get the sense that everything is cohesive as quickly as possible, within the first three to five looks. It creates a positive inclination as they view the rest of the collection. Emilio de la Morena and his team have created a perfect example of this technique with their Pre-Fall '14. How many blocks can you spot? 

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