Monday, December 30, 2013

Designer Of The Day - Maxxmaximus

Couture exists and will always exist because of the desire for exclusivity. There is no more powerful marker of taste and self awareness than having something made specifically for you or in purchasing a guaranteed one of a kind item. To be able to utter, "I had it made" in responses to the inevitable questions is to instantly set yourself apart. I predict a return to local and regional couture as a major component of fashion's future and indeed there are signs of it already occurring. With the internet as a globally reaching platform one area that will likely explode first is bags and packs. The lack of fit issues makes them among the most obtainable and the de facto lower price makes them the easiest way to tag yourself as a person of taste and understanding. Meet Maxxmaximus from California. His bags serve as one half of the perfect example. His availability on Farfetch as the other.

Camera Holster

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