Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Designer of the Day- Christopher Bailey- Burberry Pre Fall '14

Christopher Bailey's remarkable success at Burberry has been primarily because he perhaps more than any other designer/director knows precisely what wealthy women are looking for. They want the world to know they are wealthy and women. Super luxurious fabrics, skins and treatments in curve accentuating cuts. He also always adds small but distinctive touches that elevate the wearer to the status of a cultivator of fine fashion and not just a consumer of it. His pre fall '14 collection is, as usual, a direct hit. 

The finishes, the short flared cuffs, the pleating at the waist, the structure of the shoulders all of these team up with a rich fabric to create a stunning look.

Volume on top, slender at the bottom will forever attract buyers.

Again it's the finishes, the ruffle at the sleeve joint, the ruching in the hips, and the revealed section in the center waist that create the complexity.

A Tromp L'oeil print is also a perennial seller. 

Everything here reads as sophistication, money, and class. Bailey never makes a misstep in those areas.

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