Sunday, December 8, 2013

Designer Of The Day- John Fluevog

Individuality is not for sale at a store near you. It takes work to craft a style that is uniquely you. Fortunately for you some fashion designers understand this very well and offer a large amount of very creative choices. John Fluevog has been offering a dizzying variety of distinctive heels, lasts, and uppers for decades. His shoes always turn heads, sometimes they're subtle, sometimes they scream. They're always exceptionally well made and almost always become the favorite shoe of their owners.

Munsters- Beth
Beth (Brown)
The unique shape of both heel and toe create a memorable shoe.

On Course - Leeward
Leeward (Black)
The indented toe cap combines with the rocker toe for a very unusual shape.

Daily Miracles - Stunner
Stunner (Black & Embroidery)
Hypnotically beautiful.

Garden Of Enjoyment - Pizzazz
Pizzazz (Blue)
Claw heel, two tones, two textures, in lilac. Enough said.

Zion -Trinity

Trinity (Grey)
Another unique heel and the matching color exposed mid sole adds real flair.

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