Monday, October 14, 2013

Wrong without even knowing I had made a choice.

There are all sorts of traps that I can fall into because I am unaware they even exist. The unrecognized bias or the unchallenged assumption require more mindfulness on a daily basis than I can usually muster. The condition from which I suffer is known as being human and as of yet there is no cure. There is however a course of treatment; I become aware, I admit it's my fault, I correct it and do better. 

Happily this time it was just a bias about fashion, which is far less serious than crimes of my past. Mea Culpa; I really liked Alberta Ferretti's work at Philosophy and was disappointed when she handed over the reins. Philosophy's clothes were never the most "editorial", but what Alberta and her team did season after season was produce very spirited and pretty clothes that were absolutely perfect for the woman they were designed for. Honestly it was probably one of the best jobs of using client identification to drive design over the last twenty years. Think what Rebecca Minkoff has done since 2005 and you'll get the feel of what I'm saying. So when Natalie Ratabesi was announced last year I didn't do my homework and I didn't glance at her offering for Fall '13. Had I looked at her resume or asked our mutual friends I would have been immediately excited. Central Saint Martin's grad, worked at Ralph Lauren, Dior, (under John Galliano), Oscar De La Renta, and Valentino, yeah that's a pretty good sign she's talented as hell.  

Fast forward to this morning when I was hunting for what I missed from the Spring '14 shows and I looked at Natalie Ratabesi for Philosophy for the first time. Fresh, flowing, pretty, and with lots those design choices that elevate clothes to the level of good fashion. I've featured some of my favorites in this post and I want to say sorry to Natalie Ratabesi and let her know I very much look forward to her show in February 2014. 


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