Thursday, October 3, 2013

Designs of the Day | Vivienne Westwood | Neil Barrett | Veronique Leroy | Celine

Celine Spring '14
Phoebe Philo is a juggernaut. Season after season she attacks silhouette and fabrication with a relentless drive. She has been so inventive and effective for so many seasons now it makes me wonder when people will began to realize that she is heading towards legendary status.

Vivienne Westwood Spring '14
Ah Dame Vivienne how do I love thee, let me add this to the counting of the ways. She always attacks the preconceptions of what you expect to see on a garment and where you expect to see it.

Veronique Leroy Spring '14
It would ultimately fall to how this fabric felt, moved, and held up to decide if this design is successful. That said it is beautiful and the natural feel of the striping is very eye catching. Bravery incarnate.

Neil Barrett Spring '14
Neil Barrett is one of the least talked about sparkling talents in the fashion industry. He and his designs are not flashy or trend bound. What they are is beautiful, simple, and remarkably powerful.

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