Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Designs of the Day | Chromat | Larisa Lobanova | Natalia Kaut | Gwen Shihyao Lai |

Gwen Shihyao Lai Spring '14
From the Academy of Art show at MBFW. The natural dye process combined with the raw fabric and unstructured shape create a romantic rustic feel.

Chromat NYC
The legend of Becca McCharen continues to grow. right now New York fashion needs creators who think differently, I'm glad she's with us now.

Larisa Lobanova Spring '14
A clever and warming color combination in a very modern fabric. 

Natalia Kaut Spring '14
Kaut you looking. Oh shut up, tell me you could resist that. A sexy and aggressive look in a sexy and slick fabric. 

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