Friday, October 25, 2013

Designs of the Day | Azede Jean Pierre | William Okopo | Minju Kim | Michael Lo Sordo |

William Okopo Spring '14
In a collection whose power came mostly from print it was this design that made the biggest impact on me. I'm hopeful that next season the sisters Okopo will show more play with shape and structure.

Michael Lo Sordo Spring '14
Another serious talent from Australia.
The technique applied to the center of the leather creates a wonderful controlled draping effect.

Azede Jean Pierre Spring '14
One to keep a close eye on here in NYC. Incredibly high technical skill level and a growing comfort in her own aesthetic.

Minju Kim Spring '14
The fantastical and fearless Korean has gained worldwide exposure in 2013. I'll be paying rapt attention to see what she does with it in 2014.

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