Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Designs of the Day | Issey Miyake | Jay Ahr | Chalayan | Yang Li

Issey Miyake Spring '14
Stiff fabrics are usually very intimidating to designers, they don't drape and they tend to resist forming in a way that compliments movement. The perforated leather skirt above is the stunning result of what happens when it's done right.

Jay Ahr Spring '14
The shape of skirts of the times, done in a great print and matched with a nicely sporty jacket. Young designers take note, Jonathan Riss' handling of his inspirationally derived theme elements is perfect. Consistent throughout but doesn't overpower the clothes.

Chalayan Spring '14
With Hussein Chalayan the temptation is to hunt for the technical innovations, a dress that balances your checkbook or the like. It's easy then to miss the times that he's subtly brilliant. The ruching on the dress above is beautifully balanced and it has one of the most delicately slight ombres I've ever seen.

Yang Li Spring '14
The great driver of fashion is the cultural evolution of women. Evolution will regularly take quantum leaps forward, miss one and your "new" collection will seem ancient. Stay in stride with her and you will be off on a wild and successful ride. 

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