Saturday, October 19, 2013

Designs of the Day | Victor Alfaro | Theia | Dusan | Jerome 5:31 |

Dusan Spring '14
Dusan Paunovic created a wonderfully textured collection for Spring. If it's possible to be elegantly moody, and I suspect it is, this is what it looks like rendered in fabric.

Victor Alfaro Spring '14
In baseball a pitch that breaks so sharply that it is unhittable is often referred to as, "filthy", meaning underhanded. Ladies and gentleman Victor Alfaro's Spring '14 collection is so striking it's filthy.

Theia Spring '14
Don O'Neil is a seriously, seriously talented man. His designs are bold but balanced and he really knows how to captivate the imagination.

Jerome 5:31 Spring '14

A collection full of intriguing details and design choices. Jerome Lamarr is a man to mind. 

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