Sunday, October 27, 2013

Designs of the Day | Beara Beara | Embawo | Bracher Emden | Arbol De Viento

Embawo Fall '13

Norbert Öttl and Verena Lusser create some of the most striking shapes I've ever seen. And as testament to their skills despite there being a wood element to their bags they are extremely lightweight.

Bracher Emden Fall '13
I worked with Bracher Emden in 2013 and they create such stand out designs season after season it's a wonder that they are not more widely known.

Beara Beara Fall '13
Old world craftsmanship par excellence with a refined sense of style. I challenge you to find more beautiful backpacks. And backpacks are only a fraction of what they create.

Arbol De Viento Fall '13
A beautiful bag by a beautiful company with a beautiful message.

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