Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Designs of the Day | Shoes Spring '14 | Dior | Gaultier | Kenzo | Miu Miu

A note about fashion "house" shoes. It is impossible to know, or find out, how much the RTW designer has to do with the design of accessories. Sometimes it is quite a bit and sometimes it isn't an iota. Therefore if you love a whole range of shoes in a show keep a watch for new shoe brand launches over the next couple of years. You may find the designer you adored but didn't know by name is doing their own line now and you've got a new go to brand.

Christian Dior Spring '14
A delicate cut in slick patent leather. Dior this season featured a beautiful and innovative strip leather technique. The whole range will be very coveted next spring.

Kenzo Spring '14
Evoking technology and with a nice wrinkle in the toe these high heel sandals are sure to draw some stares.

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring '14
Wedges continue to evolve. Here in patent leather with a ridge treatment and extra coverage for a tougher feel.

Miu Miu Spring '14
Here kitty, kitty, kitty. How playfully sexy are these gems?

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