Monday, October 28, 2013

Designs of the Day | Logan Neitzel | Dusen Dusen | Morgan Carper | H Fredriksson |

I am often asked what do I feel earmarks an emerging designer for success. The answer is the ability to make a living from your designs without a huge marketing budget and when not being touted as the next big thing. With that in mind take a look below at who I am and have been paying attention to:

Morgan Carper Winter '14
Morgan Carper cuts very well and uses fascinating prints and fabrics to elevate her collection. Her collections are increasingly dead on target for her client.

Dusen and Dusen Winter '14
Ellen Van Dusen's work is racked all over NYC as well as internationally and has great sell through. She has a deft touch, adding design elements to her shapes that make them and their wearer stand out from the crowd.

H Fredriksson Winter 14
Helena Fredriksson's clothing has a dark beauty about it. Her silhouette choices always allow for movement and her fabrics have a depth and complexity about them that is bewitching.

Logan Neitzel Winter 2014
A Project Runway survivor who's shown the admirable ability to dodge all of the fashion industry's bullshit and build a solid business with private clients and extremely high quality small run production. He has one of my favorite aesthetics in NYC and I suspect in a few years will be even more well known. 

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