Thursday, September 5, 2013

No pictures but a few words

People are still getting the images together from yesterday and of course I don't shoot and as of yet don't have somebody to shoot for me so I don't have pics from the shows I saw. Of equal weight is I have no time this morning to search for photos before I have to go to another show.  That said my text only impressions.

Kye Spring 2014- Good instincts for shape and structure, got lost in her own thematic a bit. Overall a designer to pay attention to for the next several seasons.

Tia Cibani- Amazing mixing of cultural references. Great balance of structure and flow. Her designs always feel so fresh and bright. Wonderfully romantic this season as well.

ODD- A huge leap forward for this label. Intelligent, sharp and very attractive designs for both men and women in whites, tans, and grays which is a nice side stepping of the "Goth" label that the press was trying to pigeon hole the brand into.

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