Saturday, September 7, 2013

Design of the Day - A Deatcher Spring '14

A Detacher Spring 2014

You can't really tell from this shot, because the fascinating work is on the sides but every single season A Detacher's Mona Kowalska uses construction techniques I've never seen before. To put that in perspective I average viewing around 250 collections a season so 500 a year for the past seven years add in Resort, Holiday, and Couture and it's much higher. Figure an average of about 30 looks per collection, (I don't usually look at the mega collections because I find them dull), that equals 105,000 pieces of fashion as a very conservative estimate. Yet Mona Kowalska surprises me every single season. This is a great example of why I keep telling the mainstream fashion media that the reason their bored is because they're going to the wrong shows?

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