Monday, September 23, 2013

Designs Of The Day | Rohmir | Hannah Williams | Nova Chiu | Krystof Strozyna

Krystof Strozyna Spring '14
Fantastically subtle architecture. I preferred the cleaner looks as I felt some of the pieces has bits that felt "tacked on" but wow does he have a refined sense of structure for one so young.

Nova Chiu Spring '14
As much as London as the capital of all things print is beginning to feel dated to me. Young talent like Nova Chiu find ways to mine new rich veins of expression.

Hannah Williams Spring '14
A mock trench dress? Genius. Keep an eye on Hannah Williams. Anyone with that kind of sly imagination compels future study.

Rohmir Spring '14
Not complex, not revolutionary. Just perfect proportion with great fabric control and a stunning print. 

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