Sunday, September 8, 2013

Designs of the Day - Sally Lapointe - Prabal Gurung - Lyn Devon - Jen Kao - Monique Lhuillier

Sally LaPointe Spring 2014
I think it's long past time for the fashion press to stop trying to label Sally as goth. She is and always has been much more complex than that. Then again the fashion press' motto is, "Why think when you can label?"

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2014
Monique's lovingly meant nickname among the fashion press used to be, "The Queen of Roses". Then her designs acquired this wonderful defiant quality. Sexy, sleek, dangerously enticing. This season was a beautiful blending of those two strengths. 
Prabal Gurung Spring 2014
Prabal Gurung is his clothes. Vibrant, confident, and with a wonderful twinkle of mischief. Mischievous and elegant, there's two words that don't often appear together. Only in fashion baby! And doesn't it make you want to meet his woman?
Lyn Devon Spring 2014
Lyn is one of the best practitioners in NYC fashion today of utilizing one simple construction choice to create elegance. 

Jen Kao Spring 2014
Sometimes when you go along with a designer for the career evolution ride it can be gut wrenching or at least unsettling. Not so with Jen, every stage has been fascinating and enjoyable.

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