Sunday, September 29, 2013

Designs of the Day | Gareth Pugh | Undercover | Balenciaga | Ann Demeulemeester |

Ann Demeulemeester Spring '14
Part of Ann's genius is her ability to layer shapes and structures in a way that feels almost careless but is very calculated. 

Balenciaga Spring '14
Alexander Wang is still being cautious at Balenciaga which is definitely appropriate. That noted he is moving towards developing a heady brew of his sporty signatures and the refined shape play that is the heart of the house. 

Undercover Spring '14
Jun Takahashi delivered a collection full of delicious deviance done right.

Gareth Pugh Spring '14
One of the deepest joys for an observer of fashion is to watch talented designers evolve. A distilling occurs causing their signatures to intensify. The ability to deliver more punch with less effort creates a sense of effortlessness that is utterly transfixing.

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