Saturday, September 14, 2013

Designs of the Day - Creatures of the Wind - Gary Graham - Araks - Jen Kao

Creatures of the Wind Spring '14
That is a very, very versatile coat. It almost becomes a neutral in a styling sense. That's the type of design that could easily become a "go to" in a woman's wardrobe. Which is both a coveted spot and high praise for a designer.

Gary Graham Spring '14
Gary Graham is one of the most talented designers working in America today. Season after season he gets almost everything right, on every piece.

Araks Spring '14
Araks Yeramyan is the undisputed champion of not getting bogged down in her inspiration. She certainly references and pulls in elements from her source but never so much that it's irritating. Her collections, like her, are intriguing.

Jen Kao Spring '14
Emerging designers are often tarred with the phrase, "finding herself". As if a designer can not be effective and create wonderful collections that are less than in lockstep with the season prior. It's a bit of ridiculous idea. Jen Kao is exploring and growing and her clothes look damn good while she's doing it.

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